Jeff Dalton has been working with software since 1982.  In the last 25 years,  he has worked in various capacities on literally hundreds of software projects.

Jeff spent the first part of his IT career working with Business Intelligence solutions.  Working in the BI area allowed him to experience many different facets of the manufacturing business.  Jeffs desire to continuously improve IT processes drove him to automate many of the processes associated with application builds and deployment.  You could say that Jeff was an early adopter of DevOps way before the word anyone had coined that word.

Jeff moved on into consulting world in 2000 and got to experience many exciting adventures helping Enterprises solve business challenges with software and new processes.  Along the way Jeff met many interesting people, traveled to some wonderful places and solved some extremely entertaining business problems.

Jeff has spoken at several user groups and conferences.  The topics typically center on software development, business applications or enterprise architecture. 

Jeffs principles are learning, fairness, perseverance, lean and pragmatism. 

If you would like to talk with Jeff about speaking engagements, consulting, or philosophy, you can find him at